So, you may have noticed some changes over the past few days… I am sorry to confuse those who follow this page, I try to be consistent, but building a brand new page and trying to figure out the best content to put on here can be kinda scary. So for now, I have some information up here, and other information is by request. This is so that I don’t overwhelm you, the client!

Know that I am here and ready to help you in any of your photography needs. I offer print packages because I truly believe that photos belong on walls, not just on disks. When you are ready to book your session with me, we will discuss those options then!

Look for in the next few days some examples of my work, and maybe a mini session or two… 🙂


So this is me…

Hello everyone!

I have wanted to do this for a while now, and have never really gotten up the courage. You see, I use photography as my outlet. It’s not my full-time gig… That is something else. However, I do love it. I would love for it to be my full-time gig, but alas… that is for another time.

So, I bit the bullet. I created a website. I manage web pages for my full-time job already (which may be an underlying reason why I put this off… another thing to manage… 🙂 )… But I wanted to get out there and show you all more than what Facebook lets me. Facebook only shows a little of what I do, and then I am not sure people see it… But here, you can view me… You can read my posts, and really see who I am and if you want to book with me or not! Which, I hope you do. We will have fun, we will laugh. I want to capture your smile.

I like having a blog attached to the website. You can see my entries, and I will try to keep them both photography and life-related… So, you get a little of me and my work…

My children are my muse, my husband is my rock. Without the two, I don’t know where I would be in this crazy thing we call life. So you will see posts of both, and photos of all. That is all for now… I leave you with a photo I took a while back… I do photograph more than just people… I love the outdoors/nature as well. Last year I was at a meeting in Wilmington and we got a chance to go on a river cruise down the Cape Fear River around dusk…