So this is me…

Hello everyone!

I have wanted to do this for a while now, and have never really gotten up the courage. You see, I use photography as my outlet. It’s not my full-time gig… That is something else. However, I do love it. I would love for it to be my full-time gig, but alas… that is for another time.

So, I bit the bullet. I created a website. I manage web pages for my full-time job already (which may be an underlying reason why I put this off… another thing to manage… 🙂 )… But I wanted to get out there and show you all more than what Facebook lets me. Facebook only shows a little of what I do, and then I am not sure people see it… But here, you can view me… You can read my posts, and really see who I am and if you want to book with me or not! Which, I hope you do. We will have fun, we will laugh. I want to capture your smile.

I like having a blog attached to the website. You can see my entries, and I will try to keep them both photography and life-related… So, you get a little of me and my work…

My children are my muse, my husband is my rock. Without the two, I don’t know where I would be in this crazy thing we call life. So you will see posts of both, and photos of all. That is all for now… I leave you with a photo I took a while back… I do photograph more than just people… I love the outdoors/nature as well. Last year I was at a meeting in Wilmington and we got a chance to go on a river cruise down the Cape Fear River around dusk…


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